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good work Jun 8, 2020

Sheffield folk from as far as the double digit postcodes flock to this humble bakery, well known in the local publications as THE place for a good pastry, and while you're at it, 3 loaves of bread and I'll take a cake and some banana bread granola to go?

Abbeydale's finest sourdough

Forge occasionally did bulk orders around Christmas on paper, and as the cafe grew in popularity this became unmanageable. Since their website was based on Wordpress, I chose WooCommerce to give them a quick and easy option.

Stark contrast, even spacing and existing colour schemes helped the shop fit right in to the existing theme

For a bakery, the full WooCommerce UI is a bit much, and I stripped it down to a swooshy, tabbed single paged app that makes it irresistable to add one more treat to the basket.

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We are super excited to announce that from 11th June you'll be able to enjoy a 'finish at home' brunch menu, Thursday to Saturday each week. All your favourites from the cafe prepped and ready to finish off and devour at home. ⁠ .⁠ We've also added another vegan option too! These mammoth Amercian sourdough pancakes are topped with chocolate sauce, raspberry compote, oat crumble and banana. ⁠ .⁠ Order on our webshop from Friday 5th June for collection the following week!⁠ .⁠ #sheffield #abbeydaleroad #forgebakehouse #ourfaveplaces #independentsheffield #eatsheffield #socialsheffield #indiesheffield #netheredge #sharrowvale #meersbrook⁠ #realbread #realbreadweek #sourdough #bakery #handmade #local #baker #lockdown #supportlocal #staysafe #stayathome #stayalert #covid19 #newnormal

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I cannot wait to try these on Friday.

This was all well and good for special events, now that was in place... Covid-19 renders the entire bakery unworkable. Well... What if they could pivot to a delivery and collection business, using the web shop?

And it works on phones, too!

After much customisation, and doing awful things to poor PHP preprocessors that deserve better (Wordpress... what were you thinking?) the launch of the online shop was so successful that my mate the manager was moaning about how boring it was that he actually had to work now. Success.

If your bakery needs a hand getting online, get in touch.

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