What's all this about, then?

My name's Lewis, and I'm a web and games developer, and an insight meditation (aka mindfulness) geek. I'm trying to combine these two passions into one body of work.

My tools of choice are usually open source and I specialise in:

  • Godot game engine
  • Blender 3D modelling
  • React web frontends
  • Node backends
  • Redux data stores
  • Javascript (ES12)
  • Dotnet/C#/Mono game scripting
  • Linux (arch btw)


Good design comes from the way one pays attention.
This applies in every aspect of life.

The more carefully we pay attention, on average, the better the result.
So why settle for anything less?

Mindful attention, more than anything, is the key to a successful project.
It's my goal to come closer and closer to this principle.

Getting close is better than getting nowhere.
As someone with a neurodevelopmental disorder, sticking to the principles above can be challenging! But I truly believe that these principles make for more conscious and refined decisions to every aspect of the design and development process. However, I'm not a perfectionist, I'm a pragmatist, I recognise my limitations and so I follow a secondary principle:

Make It Work, Make It Right, Make It Fast
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